Healing Codes – How Quantum Healing Codes Can Help You

The healing codes are based on the concept of quantum theory and physics. The Healing Codes deal specifically with core issues that cause illness and disease on both the physical AND emotional levels, easily, naturally, with no side effects.

What most people don’t realize is that they were born with the most powerful and effective NATURAL health creation and healing mechanism. And it’s VERY easy to turn on.

Re-balance your body

Whether you are battling an illness or simply want to boost your overall health, a quantum healing code session could help. This cutting-edge wellness technique is based on principles from quantum physics, which recognizes that all matter is energy. It also takes into account the power of the mind to promote wellness. Quantum healers believe that by shifting the body’s vibration, a person can improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A practitioner of quantum healing will guide a client through a series of exercises to activate the body’s natural healing ability. They may use a range of holistic techniques, such as meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. They will also help their clients understand how their thoughts and beliefs can affect the body. This is important because the power of intent has everything to do with the results of a session.

When people are battling illness, they often have a number of deep-seated emotions. These emotions are buried at a cellular level and lead to false beliefs that are responsible for causing disease. When these issues are resolved, the body is able to re-balance its sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This re-balancing allows the immune system to function as it was designed, which rids the body of existing disease and prevents future disease from developing.

This method has been backed up by numerous studies and hundreds of personal testimonies. It has been shown to reduce stress, subdue short and long term pain and eliminate fears, phobias and painful memories.

Improve your mental health

When it comes to overcoming depression, many holistic therapies offer various benefits such as cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy. However, there are also a few lesser-known approaches like quantum healing that have helped many people overcome their symptoms.

Unlike traditional healing modalities that treat only symptoms, quantum healing exposes, addresses and eliminates the core emotional issues which impact every aspect of your life including your health. These are the deep, buried memories that develop into negative beliefs and cause cellular stress. It is this cellular stress that causes the body to sabotage itself and ultimately get sick.

This new science of quantum healing, rooted in the belief that you can affect your own physical and emotional health through a force we still cannot fully quantify, is making waves in the medical community. In fact, the results realized through quantum healing have been proven to be real through a foolproof medical procedure called heart rate variability testing.

These results have led to more doctors in the medical field joining forces with naturopaths and practitioners of holistic medicine and adopting these protocols into their practices. Whether you are seeking to heal from depression or any other condition, you can benefit from adding quantum healing codes as a powerful layer of therapy to your holistic treatment plan. Just make sure to find a practitioner that is high-vibration and has the right intent in using these codes with you.

Fight disease

The Healing Codes help you to fight disease. They have been hailed by the likes of Lou Gehrig’s former doctor as nothing short of miraculous. The healing codes have helped people recover from everything from cancer to autism.

The system was created by Alex Loyd, a naturopath who is into what’s called “energy medicine.” Loyd’s basic premise is that the human body has some sort of energy field that can become disturbed and lead to diseases. Hence, wagging your fingers in certain patterns can fix it. Unfortunately, Loyd’s claims of a divine revelation in a dream and the fact that he derived his system from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy has not convinced those in allopathic medicine that his claims are valid.

Using the Healing Codes, you can eliminate “cellular stress” that is at the root of most health and emotional issues. The system teaches you how to do this through simple procedures that involve the hands and various energy centers of the body.

The Healing Codes utilize long-established quantum physics principles that have been proven and acknowledged for at least 75 years. It does not attempt to replace traditional medicine but rather empowers the body’s natural immune system to heal itself. This healing system is far more powerful than any medication, and it works quickly to alleviate your symptoms.

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When it comes to healing, your body is a powerful, self-healing machine. The best way to keep it at peak performance is to address the underlying energy imbalances that are causing your health problems. Quantum healing codes can help you do just that. This innovative approach to wellness is based on the principles of quantum physics, which recognizes that everything in the universe is made up of energy. It also recognizes that this energy is in a constant state of vibration, and can be manipulated to promote healing and wellness.

In practice, quantum healing practitioners use a series of techniques to manipulate an individual’s energetic field and promote holistic healing. These methods involve removing energy blocks that are causing emotional, physical, and mental problems. The process is also designed to strengthen the immune system and prevent future disease. It can be done by anyone who has the right training and intent.

However, despite its claims to be a scientifically proven method of healing, quantum healing is still considered pseudoscience by most mainstream medical practitioners. This is due to the fact that quantum healing relies on a number of theories that are not supported by the scientific community, such as non-locality and downward causation. Despite this, more and more doctors are now discovering the value of quantum healing and are using it to complement traditional medicine.

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