Choosing the Right Spa Massage Equipment

Équipements spa massage needs to look elegant, but it also needs to work hard. From rotating an exam chair to raising and lowering a massage table, functionality is the most important factor in choosing reliable spa equipment.

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Spas can provide many different treatments that require a range of equipment. For example, a facial room may need specialized tables designed for the procedures you plan to offer, while a massage space requires a massage table and massage chairs.

When choosing a back massager, look for one that offers multiple speeds and direction options to target different areas of the body. Powered models are typically easier to use because they take the guesswork out of adjusting pressure and intensity.

If you’re purchasing a treatment table for your spa, find a model that includes an aesthetically-pleasing carry case. For example, the Earthlite Go-Pack has multiple quick-access storage compartments, a padded laptop sleeve and adjustable padded shoulder straps. It also provides a secure, comfortable carry experience for clients. This is particularly important if you’ll be using the table on the go to perform services in remote locations. The best portable massage tables also feature a range of height adjustments to accommodate various client sizes.


Spa massage equipment offers a number of benefits. It helps relieve muscle tension, which is a common problem in the modern world. It also lowers blood pressure, which is important for overall health. In addition, it reduces stress and anxiety. Using it on a regular basis may even prevent some conditions, such as high blood pressure.

Having an in-home massager provides the same benefits as getting a professional massage, but without the travel time or expense. It is ideal for people who are tired after a long day at work or sore from strenuous workouts. It can also help with chronic back pain or a bad neck.

In addition, these products are durable and affordable, which makes them a smart investment for any spa or home. They are also easy to use and provide immediate results. They can be purchased from a variety of online stores. The best ones are made with a high-quality motor and have different features, such as the stall force and amplitude.


A spa requires many large equipment purchases as well as other supplies to run efficiently. These include a spa software package, transactional and client databases, a security system, phone and internet lines and more.

Massage techniques promote pain relief and improved movement in the muscles and joints. A facial massage can help tone and soften the face, while a scalp massage can relax hair follicles.

Sam’s Club private label offers a number of massage and spa products for home and professional use. They carry personal shiatsu foot massagers with heat, portable neck and shoulder massagers and more. They also have a line of facial massagers that help cleanse and soften skin. There is a range of other products including facial steamers, hair care and styling tools, color and repair solutions, and body wraps. Many of these products can be purchased in bulk to save on costs and storage. They’re also available at affordable member-only prices.


All spa enterprises must adhere to safety standards in order to maintain a safe environment for customers. This involves maintaining a clean and ventilated work space for aestheticians, washing towels, sanitizing tools and sterilizing bottles. Additionally, a consistent schedule must be followed for cleaning and disinfecting between clients. This may include wiping down surfaces in treatment rooms, disinfecting the face cradle hammock and cleaning and sanitizing all towels that have come into contact with the client’s skin.

Displaying guidelines for proper sanitization and disinfection in multiple locations throughout salon and spa areas is a good way to show your clients that you are taking their safety seriously. It is also important to keep a wet EPA-registered disinfectant in each room for disinfecting tools and equipment. Make sure to change the high-level disinfectant solution regularly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, massage therapists should wear gloves when possible and follow OSHA regulations for exposure to blood or other bodily fluids.

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