10 Recommendations for Sending Flowers

Today, the flower has a different meaning for different countries. In Italy, for example, giving yellow flowers can be interpreted as a negative attitude.

Creating a flower delivery app requires effort, capital and time. Technology and experience make everything easier.
What are they?

Although it may seem cliché, flowers are the most popular way to convey your feelings of love and surprise to your brother during Valentine’s Day. They are also perfect for any other important event, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Original Flor is an online store that offers flowers delivered to your home, created in 2014 by two flower-loving brothers. Our traditional flower delivery company has a wide selection and is equipped with quality on par with the best online stores.

The packaging that we provide for all our flowers is intended to protect them from temperature and humidity variations during shipping. It is very important for tropical flowers such as orchids, which can be damaged by certain different temperatures in the environment.
What are their uses?

Flowers are an excellent way to convey your feelings and are the best gift for all occasions, whether you want to surprise your love, rent a gift, give to your mother, show your gratitude, or simply surprise a friend. We strive to make your flower order perfect and appropriate for each case.

Home delivery throughout the Iberian Peninsula in 24 hours. The store is open Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We have all payment methods and also a variety of gifts, such as glass boxes, chocolate covered cookies or personalized vases. Help our local grower thrive and help thousands of families working in the floristry industry. We are a company that supports the earth and the flowers on it. Help local workers and make your gift perfect. Help all your friends, even yourself.
How to care for them?

The flowers have a unique essence and are very difficult to preserve. Here we present 10 recommendations to ensure that your flowers last longer and look better.

Here you can send flowers to any part of the world.
What are their benefits?

Flowers are an unfailing gift to express all emotions and feelings. Sending flowers is a family custom, but also a special way to surprise your loved ones and brighten your day in particular.

What’s more, sending flowers is a nice way to surprise a coworker or friend. And you know, every time they receive a gift of flowers, they feel great pleasure and satisfaction from the seller.

Look for a reliable online store with a wide variety of options to choose the perfect arrangement. Many online flower stores offer same-day delivery service, and this will be very convenient if you want to surprise someone special on a special moment. The first thing we should do before buying flowers is to think about the person to whom we will send, and understand all their tastes and imaginations. So we can give them your best floral presentation.mandar flores

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