What Can a Car Locksmith Do For You

Cars are essential for getting us from point A to point B. But they can throw a wrench into your day when they stop working.

A professional locksmith can fix these issues without causing further damage to your car. They also work much faster than the dealership, saving you time.

Key Cutting

A locksmith has the ability to cut keys for any vehicle. They can also remove broken key pieces from a lock without damaging the door or ignition. These skills are useful in emergency situations and often come in handy for customers who have lost their keys.

Key cutting requires specialized knowledge and training to do correctly. DIY key cutting can lead to mistakes like using a cutter that doesn’t have the proper alignment, or making a copy of a copy that isn’t accurate. A qualified locksmith will know how to use the correct machine and how to create the right shape for the specific key.

They can also “clone” a key’s RFID chip to ensure that it works with the vehicle’s immobilizer system. Most hardware stores can only clone, but car locksmith typically do both. They also have the ability to work with restricted blanks, such as those used by Medeco high-security locks. These blanks can only be cut by a certified locksmith, and may have features that are hidden or specialized to prevent unauthorized production and sale.

Ignition Repair

Car ignitions break for a variety of reasons. They can be caused by standard wear and tear or from unintentional damages such as detached wires and intentional theft attempts. Often times the issue can be resolved with a quick fix by an expert locksmith.

The problem is usually with the ignition switch or ignition lock cylinder. The ignition switch is what allows the engine to start and provides power to the electrical accessories and the computer. The ignition lock cylinder provides protection against vehicle theft by requiring a unique set of wafers to be inserted to turn the car on.

Depending on the make and model of your car, the ignition switch can be difficult to remove and access. The best thing to do is refer to a repair manual for your specific vehicle to get a step by step guide to remove the steering wheel and expose the ignition switch. Using a tool to pry the ignition switch open can be dangerous, and it’s important to use care when removing and replacing components.

Lockout Service

Car locksmiths offer emergency lockout service to people who have locked their keys in their cars. They can use special tools to open the door and get you back into your vehicle without damaging the locks. This is one of the most important services that a car locksmith can provide.

In addition to unlocking cars, locksmiths can also repair and replace broken keys or ignition switches. They can even install a new keyless entry system. This can help you save money on your auto insurance.

In order to unlock a car, locksmiths need to know the make and model of the vehicle. They can usually find the VIN on the dashboard or driver’s side door. They may also need proof of ownership to confirm your identity. They can use this information to determine what type of key you need for your car. They can then duplicate it and unlock your car. This is a fast and reliable service for people who have accidentally locked themselves in their cars.

Car Key Replacement

Long gone are the days when misplacing your car key or locking it inside was a big deal. Most vehicles have become more technologically advanced, and this is reflected in their keys as well. In most cases, you’ll need to have a professional locksmith or dealership create a replacement car key for you.

The cost of a new car key can vary depending on the type of key, the locksmith you call, and the location. For example, if you lost your smart key that activates a sensor to start the engine, you’ll need to visit a dealership as they can create this kind of key.

If you’re in need of a traditional key, you can have one made at a locksmith or even a hardware store for about $10. Before you call someone to come out and make a new car key, it’s a good idea to check all of the places you may have put your key (like in your jacket pockets or the bag you took with you). You’ll also want to have the vehicle identification number on hand (VIN). This can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side.

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