Valworx Explosion Proof Actuators

Valworx offers explosion proof electric actuators that automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers. These actuators are certified to US and EU explosion proof standards for use where flammable gases may be present. They are easy to install and feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosures.
Stainless Steel Flange Valve

Our 586106 explosion proof dual certified low emission/fire safe 316 stainless steel flanged ball valve offers on/off control of oil & gas, water, air and other media compatible with the materials of construction. The flanged body is mounted between standard ANSI 150 pound pipe flanges. A Rack & Pinion pneumatic actuator is direct mounted to the valve making this assembly very compact and suitable for tight spaces. Valve position can be monitored remotely by adding a limit switch.

Stainless steel ball valves are well suited for a wide range of applications as they offer great corrosion resistance and can be used in both corrosive and non-corrosive environments. They can be used in food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, marine and HVAC industries. They are also commonly found in breweries, where they are installed on kettles to facilitate the transfer of hot “wort” between containers. Stainless Steel ball valves are also ideal for industrial applications such as oil refineries, where they are used to regulate crude oil flow.
Wafer Body Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve is a rotary valve in which a disc-shaped seating element is rotated a quarter of a turn to open or close the flow passage. Unlike other valves, butterfly valves don’t need companion flange gaskets.

These valves can also be left partially opened for flow throttling. This type of valve is ideal for pharmaceutical, food, oil and water applications.

These wafer body ductile iron butterfly valves are available in sizes from 2″ through 6″. The EPDM seat is NSF certified for potable water service and can be used with either a manual or pneumatic actuator. The valve is rated up to 150psi and features a unique split-body design that increases flow capacities while reducing the break-away torque. This valve is compatible with a variety of actuators including manual, pneumatic and electric. The 5818 series electric actuator is power-to-open and power-to-close and will stay in the last known position upon loss of power. It has visual and electrical valve position indication and a manual override.
5818 Series Electric Actuator

The 5818 Series is a line of industrial grade electric actuators designed to automate quarter turn ball valves up to 3″ and resilient seated butterfly valves up to 2″. This electric actuator utilizes standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and double square drive. It is available in a wide range of frame sizes and torque ratings. Local control options (OPEN/CLOSE/JOG) are offered as well as a variety of custom interfaces. Optional features include manual override, auxiliary limit switches, anti-condensation heaters and 360 degree viewable position indicators.

This explosion proof electric actuator utilizes a closed loop feedback system to monitor and maintain accurate valve positioning. On receipt of a 4-20mA input control signal, the internal microprocessor and feedback system will send a pulse to the motor which will rotate the output drive to the required position. Upon loss of power, the electrical feedback system will automatically stop the motor via internal cams striking the auxiliary limit switches. The unit will then reposition itself to the last known position when power is restored. This makes the 5818 series an ideal solution for use in Hazardous Location environments.
585516 Series Electric Ball Valve

For applications requiring high flow rates, we offer motorized ball valves. A ball valve is a two way or bi-directional valve that works by having a bore/hole in the body that allows for media to flow through as long as the ball is turned perpendicular to the direction of the flow. This turns the ball to open or close the valve based on its orientation.

Our explosion proof electric actuators are used for positioning control of air, water, oil and other media compatible with the materials of construction. They can be installed on quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves or dampers. They feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosures.

These actuators are powered by a constant 12VDC and use minimal electricity while energized. When a 4-20mA control signal is energized, the internal capacitor runs and rotates the output drive 90 degrees from its normal position. This is then stopped by internal cams striking limit switches. When power is removed the motor will return to its last known position.Valworx Explosion Proof

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