Tissot Watch Repair Near Me

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand that is known for quality timepieces. The company has been around since 1853. They are committed to upholding the traditions of Swiss watchmaking while pushing the boundaries with innovative new designs and materials.

Tissot watch repair near me use either a quartz or mechanical movement and most models are water resistant. The most common repairs include replacing the battery, cleaning the case and bracelet (and shortening if requested), replacement of the crown, pushers, gaskets, and restoration and testing of the movement according to Tissot specifications.

Water Resistant

Tissot is known for their high quality watches that are water resistant. This feature allows the wearer to use their watch in many different situations. Some examples include showering, swimming and some water sports. The amount of water resistance a watch has is expressed in atmospheres (ATM) or meters (M).

All Tissot watches undergo several tests to ensure they meet industry standards for water resistance. These tests simulate real-life conditions that the watch may encounter. Some of these tests include exposure to impacts and pressure, as well as penetration of liquids and dust.

A complete service on a Tissot watch involves dismantling the movement and repairing or replacing any faults. The case is also stripped down to its components (case back, bezel, crystal and pushers). These are then cleaned in ultrasonic tanks to remove all oils and dirt. A resealing of the watch is then performed. This process should only be done by a professional watchmaker.


A battery is a vital component of a Tissot watch. It allows the watch to keep accurate time and shows seconds, minutes, and hours on the dial. A watch with a weak or dead battery will not work correctly and may stop running altogether. A replacement battery can fix this problem and ensure that the watch functions properly.

The battery is located inside the case and can be easily replaced by a professional watch repair shop. The process requires a case opener, a thin knife to pop the case back, and a small screwdriver. It is important to note that opening a Tissot watch without an authorized technician can void the warranty.

It is important to perform routine maintenance on a Tissot watch to extend its life. This will prevent major repairs in the future and help you save money. Some common maintenance tasks include cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of parts. You should also avoid exposing your Tissot watch to magnetic fields, water, and chemicals.


Tissot’s have a unique ‘monolithic’ crown made from a solid block of zirconia that is computer designed and milled on a CAD/CAM machine. Replacing or repairing this type of crown is more complex than a traditional crown. This type of work should always be left to a professional watch repair technician.

A complete service involves the master watchmaker dismantling the movement and correcting any faults and replacing all worn components. The case is also completely stripped down (case back, bezel, crystal, pushers) and cleaned in a series of ultrasonic tanks. A new gaskets are applied along with a special silicone grease to stop the seals nipping or breaking when the case is fastened or opened.

Tissot is based in Le Locle, Switzerland and has been making watches since 1853. They are committed to upholding the tradition of Swiss watchmaking while also pushing the boundaries with innovative designs and materials. They are the official timekeeper of NBA basketball, FIBA basketball and TOP14 rugby as well as a number of motorsports events including MotoGP.

Case Back

The case back on a watch is often a place where the brand engraves some details about the watch. It also serves as a way to protect the movement from dust and dirt. It can be made of a variety of materials and may have different designs or markings.

Crowded casebacks are commonly found on expensive watches and feature a highly detailed design of various watch components and elements. They are a great way to show off the craftsmanship of a watch. These types of casesbacks are often etched or printed and can be personalized with the wearer’s name, as was the case for Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT Master Ref 1675 worn by Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

Screw-down casebacks are usually secure and can only be removed with the right tools. They typically have threads that screw into the case and can be difficult to remove without damaging the case. Replacing or repairing the case back is something that should be left to a professional.

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