Prices of Accounting Services Burgas

Prices of accounting services Burgas
Accounting outsourcing is the best option for companies in Bulgaria with small and medium-sized turnover and individual entrepreneurs. This way, the business owners can save on paying for maintaining an accountant on their staff, as well as on the costs of purchasing office equipment and specific software. Furthermore, the responsibility for miscalculations and other administrative errors is shifted to specialists, which allows the company’s management to focus on its activities.

The prices of the services provided by Nominal depend on the type of activity and the number of transactions. For example, for a month with no activities the accounting costs between 100 and 200 euros. In addition, a reference for the lack of tax payables costs 40 euros including state fee.

Bulgarian legislation sets strict requirements for accounting and tax reporting. Every person conducting business is obliged to keep proper books of records, submit them annually and fill out other required documents. This is why bookkeeping and mandatory audit are very important for any company. The best option for entrepreneurs to meet the legal requirements is by using specialized accounting services. By using these services, they can reduce their operating costs significantly, as the cost of maintaining an accountant on their staff is considerably higher than the costs of the specialized accounting services. In addition, the entrepreneur can be sure that the services are being rendered by qualified specialists. This guarantees the accuracy of the calculations and the compliance with the legislation in force.Цени на счетоводни услуги Бургас

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