Manifest Wealth and Prosperity With This Abundance Bracelet

Featuring crystals known to attract abundance, this bracelet is the perfect companion on your journey towards wealth and prosperity. It features Green Aventurine, Citrine and Pyrite.

Wear it regularly to establish a strong energetic connection with the stones. Place it on your left wrist, commonly seen as the body’s receptive side. Set intentions and let the crystals help you manifest your dreams into reality.
Peace & Abundance

This abundance bracelet is made with Green Aventurine, Pyrite and Citrine beads. These crystals help create prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. This bracelet is also known to help you manifest peace, happiness and luck.

PIPRITE -Known as ‘Fools Gold ‘, pyrite protects from negative energies and is an excellent stone for manifesting money. It increases willpower and helps in achieving goals. It promotes joy, creativity and happiness and attracts wealth, success and abundance.

MALACHITE – Brings growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It activates the heart chakra and brings abundance, prosperity and a sense of balance.

To cleanse your bracelet place it in the morning sunlight for a few hours to recharge its energy, or place on a selenite plate or in the earth (but avoid burying Pyrite). You can also smudge it with Sage or Palo Santo. Lastly, you can use sound healing techniques such as placing it on a Tibetan singing bowl or bell.
Attract Money

Many people believe that it is possible to manifest money through positive thinking, visualization and other spiritual practices. These can include giving back to others, being grateful, and creating a vision board. These practices can help raise your vibration and create a positive mindset to attract wealth.

There are also certain Feng Shui practices that can be used to enhance the energy of a space to bring in more financial abundance. Some of these are cleaning and organizing, practicing gratitude, removing clutter from the home, keeping a cash flow chart, and using symbols like coins.

Another way to attract more money is to learn from those who are wealthy. By studying the habits, beliefs, and practices of successful individuals, you can start to embody these qualities. Appreciation and gratitude are also essential for attracting money spiritually, as well as releasing any negative and blameful thoughts around wealth. This can be done by making a list of things you are grateful for and expressing this to yourself regularly.
Manifest Your Dreams

Manifesting what you want requires clear visualization, affirmation, action and gratitude. It also helps to leave what you don’t want behind. For example, if you’re trying to manifest your dream body, it can help to focus on how good it feels when you walk around in your favorite outfit rather than feeling bad about the way you currently look.

You may also notice synchronicities in your life as you work toward your goals. For instance, once you start thinking about how your dream body would feel, maybe you’ll find yourself eating better or working out more.

This power bracelet contains pyrite, green aventurine and citrine known for their healing properties to create abundance, wealth, prosperity, success, and good fortune. It has one standard size that stretches to fit wrists 6 inches and up. This bracelet is handcrafted by survivor artisans from Blessed Hope Nepal in the Himalayas to provide them dignified employment and a sustainable income.
Intention Setting

Many people are familiar with the idea of intention setting, which is commonly practiced in personal development and spiritual contexts, but it’s also used in professional capacities for things like goal-setting and strategic planning. The essence of intention-setting is that it allows you to consciously direct your thoughts and energy toward a specific outcome or experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving it.

Intentions can be broad and general, or they can be very specific. There is no right or wrong way to set intentions, so do what feels comfortable and nourishing for you.

One of the most important aspects of intention-setting is that you need to be authentic with yourself. Your intentions will be powerful only if they align with your true values and beliefs. If they don’t, you won’t be able to truly hold them in your heart. And that’s the whole point of this entire process! This is why it’s so essential to tak.

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