Low Cut Shirts and Dresses

Plunge neckline tops and dresses can look elegant at a restaurant and flirty at the bar. They can even be worn to a friend’s party.

You don’t have to show off your bra with low armhole tops. Use a cami or tank top with lace that matches your shirt to add coverage.

Women who wear low-cut tops and dresses often have to walk a fine line. They’re sometimes inappropriately pressured to reveal more in order to “keep clients happy”, but they also can get reprimanded or overlooked for promotions because they show too much cleavage.

Luckily, with the right lingerie, it’s easy to keep your boobs covered without compromising on style. Look for a camisole that fits snugly against the skin but isn’t too tight, and then find an appropriately-sized bra that will fit over it comfortably.

While plunging necklines might have been relegated to club-night attire once upon a time, they’re now versatile enough for dinner at the restaurant, drinks with friends, or even the movies. If you’re looking to add a little bit of edge to your wardrobe, shop Lulus’ selection of deep-v neckline tops! Our styles will have you feeling bold and sultry in no time. You can wear them with a necklace or sterling silver chain to draw attention up and highlight your decolletage for a stunning effect.

The way an armhole is cut can make a big difference in how a shirt fits and looks. Lower cut armholes add breadth and bulk to the chest area and can be a great fit for women with narrow shoulders (A shape) or smaller busts who would like their bust to appear larger. Higher cut armholes visually shorten the body and can be a good fit for women with long torsos.

Some dress and top patterns have an attached style sleeve that eliminates the need for a set-in sleeve. These styles need careful matching of the sleeve and armhole markings to ensure they are perfectly fitted.

For a fashion-forward look, wear your low-cut armhole top with a camisole in a silky fabric that adds coverage and a touch of luxury to your outfit. Layering with a high-neck sports bra will also provide support and a sporty-chic aesthetic. You can experiment with different color combinations to create a look that expresses your unique style.

A low neckline is a look that draws attention to the decolletage. While it can be sexy, it can also be sophisticated when done right. The key is to not show too much, and the most important accessory you need for this style is a lot of confidence!

A very low-cut blouse or dress needs a little bit of drama, so draw the eye up to your stunning necklaces or a pair of dramatic earrings. Heels also work well with plunging necklines and can make you look taller.

Plunging necklines are perfect for sexy parties and casual outings. But remember to wear a camisole or bra under your outfit to avoid showing too much skin. Try a camisole in a matching color to blend in with your shirt, or go for something bright to add flare. You can even find camisoles that have built-in bras, but keep in mind they won’t provide as much support.

Few looks are as sultry and bold as a deep plunging neckline. While there’s a time and place for showing off your decolletage, low-cut blouses and dresses can also look chic and elegant at dinner with friends or a night out at the bar. Pair your low-cut blouse with a thin chain to break up the amount of flesh you’re showing. Fashion tape can be a great option for keeping your shirt in place, too, just make sure you bring extra with you in case it comes off in the heat or on a run!

Leafing through the clothing racks at the mall, women who choose to wear modest clothing often find themselves passing on tops that reveal too much cleavage. Fortunately, there are some easy DIY ways to doctor the neckline of these tops, making them suitable for work or play.Low Cut Shirts

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