Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, an experienced louisiana criminal defense lawyer can protect your legal rights. He can help you arrange for bail, attend arraignment and trial, and, if eligible, seal your record.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, look for strong communication skills. Also, check out detailed law firm profiles that include biography information, education and training, and client recommendations.

Drug Charges

If you’re arrested for drug related crimes, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience handling this type of case. In Louisiana, the penalties for drug offenses range from hefty fines to jail time. A conviction can also leave a permanent mark on your record that may impact your ability to obtain employment, qualify for certain loans, or find a new living space.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can use evidence such as illegal search and seizure, entrapment or coercion, and a lack of proof to fight the charges against you. Even a simple drug possession conviction can have severe consequences, but it’s possible to get them reduced or dismissed. We also defend clients against federal charges including those involving firearms offenses, money laundering, and internet crimes.

DWI Charges

In Louisiana, DUI and DWI charges can carry harsh legal penalties, including fines, probation, incarceration, and driver’s license suspensions. If you are arrested for DUI/DWI, it is essential that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these cases and will do everything necessary to protect your rights. We can help you avoid jail time and a criminal record by using alternative programs, such as drug treatment or deferred prosecution.

In addition, we can fight to keep your driver’s license and prevent a license suspension by fighting to obtain an administrative license hearing. We can also use a strong argument to reduce the criminal charge to a misdemeanor and work to minimize your probationary periods and other burdensome court requirements.

Homicide Charges

Homicide charges are some of the most serious charges that a person can face. If convicted, the defendant faces life in prison without parole or even the death penalty in some cases.

A good criminal defense lawyer will work to get charges reduced, have inadmissible evidence suppressed, and secure a not guilty verdict at trial. He will also attend all court hearings and act as your advocate before the prosecuting attorney, judge and jury.

We represent clients charged with a wide variety of white collar crimes including embezzlement, bribery, extortion and more. These types of cases are often complex and involve federal investigators. Criminal defense of these cases involves a number of sophisticated legal arguments that can benefit your case. Our clients are protected by our extensive experience.

Domestic Violence Charges

In Louisiana, domestic violence charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies. Felony charges carry significant jail time and fines. They also tarnish your reputation and make it difficult to find a job.

A good criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid a felony conviction by disputing the validity of the evidence used against you. For example, they can check whether the police followed protocol to collect the evidence. They can also look at witness testimony to assess whether the incident is a he-said-she-said situation.

Your criminal defense lawyer should have strong communication skills to convey your case to the jury. They should be able to make you feel comfortable and understand your concerns. They should also be able to identify inconsistencies in the police report.

Marijuana Charges

Whether it’s marijuana or other drugs, even a misdemeanor drug conviction can have severe consequences for you and your family. A skilled defense attorney can ensure that you don’t get charged with a felony based on questionable assumptions, and can shield you from harsh punishment.

A college sophomore’s life was thrown into turmoil when police searched her dorm room and found four ounces of marijuana. She now faces jail time, fines and a tarnished record that could hurt her future job prospects and grant applications.

Fortunately, experienced Louisiana criminal attorneys are available to help. They can argue that you weren’t actually in possession of the illegal substance at the time of your arrest, or that lab analysis shows it’s not really a drug. They can also argue for an expungement, removing the conviction from public view.

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