Lawyer Hattingen’s Specialized Practices

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Lawyer Hattingen is experienced in real estate law and can advise you on matters such as land use, zoning, and title insurance policies. They can also help you negotiate and resolve disputes.
Tax law

A tax law practice focuses on the laws and accounting processes that determine how businesses are taxed. These lawyers are knowledgeable in local and state laws, as well as federal regulations. They are also experienced in resolving disputes and litigations with taxing authorities. They are able to assist with issues such as property taxation and zoning laws.

Trial attorneys in the Criminal Enforcement Sections handle or supervise criminal tax prosecutions in federal district courts throughout the United States. These cases often involve violations of the tax laws, such as those involving financial fraud, health care fraud, organized crime activities, and public corruption.

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Corporate law

The corporate law practice of Lawyer Hattingen focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments and restructuring. The firm also has a strong track record in complex transactions and resolving disputes. Their lawyers have extensive experience in domestic and international matters, including labor and employment, tax and real estate law.

Administrative law is a branch of public law that deals with the decision-making and enforcement of laws enacted by Congress or other legislative bodies. It is governed by specialized courts that hear appeals of administrative decisions.

Professor Eric Talley teaches and conducts research in the areas of corporate law, governance, finance, and economic analysis of law. He is a Fellow of the Harvard Program on Corporate Governance and an associate editor of the Columbia Journal of Law and Business. He also serves on the board of the Ira M. Millstein Center for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership. In addition, he is a member of the Columbia University Data Science Institute and the European Corporate Governance Institute.
Real estate law

Real estate law is the area of legal practice that deals with land and everything attached to it, including buildings and resources. It also addresses questions like zoning and titles. Attorneys who specialize in this field often have strong negotiation skills and can find solutions that benefit both parties. They may also be able to resolve disputes through arbitration.

Practicing real estate law requires a combination of diligence and aggressiveness. The best way to prepare is to attend seminars and conferences hosted by the local bar association. This will help you meet other members and learn about the latest developments in real estate law. You can also join a committee in the local bar and draft articles for its journal.

Joshua Stein PLLC handles commercial real estate transactions, financing, leases (ground and space), development, and hotel transactions. Its clients include major developers and investors. Clients have praised the firm for its knowledge of local and international laws and its ability to find practical solutions.

Litigation is the legal process of resolving disputes through the courts. It involves filing a lawsuit, seeking evidence and presenting a case. This process can be short and simple or lengthy and extensive. Its goal is to enforce or defend a legal right.

Lawyer Hattingen’s team of top-notch lawyers is ready to take on your most pressing legal concerns. They can handle everything from the legal minutiae to high stakes litigation. They can also advise you on real estate law, including property taxation and zoning laws.

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