Custom Baseball Stirrup Socks

A simple and cost-effective way to add a unique touch to your baseball team’s uniform is with custom stirrup socks. These socks feature a colored oversock with thick stripes that show off the traditional white under sock.

Worn by many players up until the mid-1990s, when they started wearing pants that cover their legs down to their ankles, baseball stirrups offer a unique style and unique functionality. They are available in a variety of cut lengths.


Our custom baseball stirrup socks are available in a wide range of colors. Whether you need striped or solid, we have the perfect match for your team. These custom knee high socks can be worn by professional baseball players as well as youth, travel ball and top college programs.

Stirrup socks were developed out of necessity in the early days of baseball. During this time, dyes used in colored stockings would seep into the shoes of players and cause infections. To avoid this, a white sanitary stocking was worn under a colorful stirrup to maintain hygienic conditions and protect the player’s legs from injuries caused by rubbing against their shoes.

Our custom baseball and softball socks are knitted with polypropylene, nylon, and elastic yarns that provide moisture-wicking, compression, and cushioning. Each pair of socks includes custom stripe placement, a logo, and one text option.


The right equipment, uniforms, and accessories help a baseball team look and feel like a unit. Why not add custom socks to the mix?

These athletic knee high stirrup socks are designed with your team name or logo. They also feature stripes and color options to make your baseball or softball team stand out on the field.

Baseball stirrup socks are often referred to as “baseball sanitary socks”. They were originally invented in 1905 when Nap Lajoie was injured and required the use of two layers of white, washable sanitary socks. They are worn over normal sport socks with the lower cut on one side of the sock placed in front.

Available in different styles, each baseball or softball sock includes custom stripe placement, a logo, and one text option. Additional logos and texts can be added for additional fees.


When you play baseball or softball, the right uniform can make all the difference. Our custom stirrup socks are ideal for any team, with options for stripes, logos, and colors to create the ultimate look. These socks are flat-knit to offer superior durability and comfort.

They feature a high cuff, which is perfect for pairing with knicker pants and showing your team’s colors. They also have an elastic band at the top to ensure that they stay up while playing.

The right pair of baseball or softball socks can help your players feel confident and ready to take on the competition. Showcase your team’s identity and logo with customized stirrup socks made for you in the USA. Step onto the field looking and feeling great, and strike fear in your opponents’ hearts.


The Cincinnati Red Stockings were known for their brightly colored baseball socks, and they led the way for other teams to experiment with team colors. However, dyes back then weren’t always safe, and many players suffered from skin irritations.

Players typically wear knee high white sanitary socks under their uniform pants and then put the baseball stirrups over them. This allows the socks to be easily washed while still allowing the player to show off their team colors.

Some players also like to tuck the cuff of their pants into the top of the socks for a classic “knickerbocker” look. However, loose socks can fall down while playing and become a safety hazard. It’s important to check your stirrups regularly and replace them when they lose their elasticity.


Every baseball or softball team deserves to have their socks match the rest of their uniform. This makes them look professional and it truly shows what it means to be a team – to show up on the field together looking the same.

Baseball stirrup socks are worn over another pair of socks which is often called “baseball sanitary socks” – these are knee high and go on first before the stirrup socks are placed over them. Some baseball stirrup socks have one area that is lower than the other, and the lowest part should be worn in front to avoid slipping down during play.

Whether you want to display your team logo on the socks or have a simple design, we offer a variety of options to fit any budget. Our custom baseball socks are made from high-quality materials, and we have a fast turnaround time to get your team ready for game day!

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