Choosing Conservatory Styles For Your Home

Adding a conservatory to your home can be an excellent way to add living space and to enjoy the garden. You can use the extra space as a dining room, relaxation area or even a kitchen extension.

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P-Shaped Conservatories

P-shaped conservatories are a popular choice and provide plenty of space for you to enjoy your garden. They come in a variety of different sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your home. They can be installed on any type of property, including new builds and bungalows.

These large structures are a great addition to any property, and they offer plenty of room for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. They can also be used to make your garden more accessible, as they have a low threshold that’s ideal for wheelchair users.

They combine design elements from Victorian and lean-to conservatories and can cost between PS14,000 and PS24,000. The rounded Victorian part of the build can be three or five faceted, while the lean-to section can have either a hipped or traditional lean-to roof. This versatile style is best suited to detached homes and larger properties. It can also be divided into two distinct areas for increased flexibility.

T-Shaped Conservatories

Known as a combination conservatory style, a T-shaped conservatory features two separate areas for maximum versatility. Often, this design incorporates Victorian and Gable conservatory styles with a central projection to highlight the shape. This creates a porch effect on your home and helps the conservatory blend into your existing space.

This is perfect for larger homes that want to boost their living space but don’t wish to alter the existing garden. Many homeowners choose to use the main part of this type of conservatory as a dining room and the central section as a lounge.

Alternatively, some opt to use the central portion of this type of conservatory as a play area for children. It can be built to a three, five or hipped roof and is perfect for adding a touch of charm to any property.


Orangeries are the perfect halfway point between a traditional home extension and a standard glazed conservatory. Designed with thicker pillars and a partial solid roof, they offer the ideal blend of style, warmth, and space. They can even be used as a dining room or play area. They can add 5-12% to the value of your property, making them a great investment.

Orangerie structures date back to the 17th Century and were originally designed to provide shelter for citrus trees that required a lot of light and warmth. Today, they are primarily used as bright and spacious extra living space.

They can be a beautiful addition to any home, and can be used as a lounge, kitchen extension, dining room, or garden room. The choice is entirely yours, but it’s important to remember that any structure will need regular maintenance and cleaning in order to keep it looking its best. This includes regularly re-painting the painted surfaces, depending on the environment.

Tiled Conservatories

If you have an old conservatory with a polycarbonate roof, upgrading it to a solid tiled roof can help you create a comfortable space all year round. It can prevent heat loss and keep your home at a constant temperature, as well as reduce noise from the rain or traffic.

Tiled roofs are also a great choice for those who want to add a more traditional look to their conservatory. They are available in a variety of different colours, which can be used to complement your existing brickwork. They also provide excellent insulation, making them a great option for homes in noisy areas.

If you’re planning on adding a solid tiled roof to your existing conservatory, you may need to seek Building Regulations approval. This is because the change in roof type changes your conservatory from a temporary structure to a permanent extension. Your installer can help you navigate this process. They’ll also be able to advise you on any additional work that may be required to your conservatory’s foundation and frame. conservatories merthyr tydfil

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