Choosing a Baby Night Light

Whether it’s navigating the bathroom in the dark or soothing your toddler back to sleep, night lights are one of the most essential baby accessories.

However, not all night lights are created equal. Some can be quite intrusive and keep babies up all night.

1. Bubzi Baby Owl Night Light

If you’re looking for a baby night light that will help your little one sleep, consider the Bubzi Baby Owl Night Light. It plays lullabies, heartbeat and white noise to help calm baby, and also projects stars onto the wall to mesmerize your little one as they drift off to sleep.

It’s also a handy temperature indicator, with either a red or blue glow to let you know whether the room is above, below or at ideal temperature. It has a 30 minute auto-shut off timer to save you from waking your baby during their nap or sleeping time, and the light doesn’t damage your child’s eyes.

It’s a nice, light baby night light that is easy to use. It’s portable and can be charged via a USB cable or its recharging base. It’s also super affordable, which makes it a great pick for parents on a budget. It also gives back – a percentage of each purchase goes to Postpartum Support International, an organization that helps new moms cope with perinatal mental health issues.

2. Baby Turtle Night Light

Designed to ease kids to sleep with the aid of a well lit star display, Cloud b’s Twilight Turtle night light has all the right pieces to create the perfect ambiance in any room. It combines a light projector with a sound machine to make this plush turtle the star of the show.

The projector is tucked inside the turtle’s soft shell which also houses three AA batteries. A simple push of the button ignites the stars and keeps them illuminated for 45 minutes – enough time to lull kids into sleep without disrupting their REM cycle.

The gizmo also demonstrates the most efficient use of batteries with an auto-shutoff feature that saves you from the dreaded dead battery scenario. The nightlight has a few more nifty tricks up its sleeve too, including an eye-catching star guide accompanied by a fun Twilight Turtle storybook. The nifty little machine is a bit of a pain to use, but the experience is worth it for both you and your child.

3. Baby Owl Light & Sound Machine

This owl sound machine has lots of cool features, like an adjustable nightlight, soothing lullabies, and nature sounds. It also has a light projector that projects a starry sky onto the ceiling or floor.

It also has an auto-off timer that can be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. It runs on batteries, has a white noise option, and can be used as a portable sound machine when you’re traveling.

The Baby Owl Light & Sound Machine is one of the best choices if you are looking for a light and sound machine to help your child sleep. It is affordable, safe, and comes in a variety of colors to match your home decor.

This owl sound machine also doubles as a temperature indicator, glowing red or blue to show you if the room is warm or cold. The light will automatically turn off after 23 minutes. It also has a built-in cry sensor which alerts you when it senses your baby is crying.

4. LED Night Light

A night light can be a helpful tool for babies and toddlers to safely navigate their rooms in the dark. However, it’s important to choose one that won’t overstimulate your little ones.

A white, blue-based LED night light that emits similar wavelengths to daylight can disrupt your baby’s natural circadian rhythm and prevent them from getting restful sleep. It also may not be bright enough to allow you to check on your baby without jarring them awake.

Look for a baby night light that offers a range of dimness settings, so you can control the brightness level and adjust it to fit your needs. Some models have extra features like music boxes and white noise machines to help your baby drift off to sleep, while others have sensors that only turn on when you walk in the room.

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